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Growing up with the Trinity - preview of a new book on following Manchester United in the 1960s when Best, Law and Charlton were in their pomp

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  • Growing up with the Trinity - preview of a new book on following Manchester United in the 1960s when Best, Law and Charlton were in their pomp

    Growing up with the Trinity - preview of a new book on following Manchester United in the 1960s when Best, Law and Charlton were in their pomp by Brendon McGuire

    Growing Up With The Trinity, by Brendon McGuire

    Probably like every other youngster who saw George Best, Denis Law and Bobby Charlton perform, I grew up hoping to emulate their brilliance without ever achieving it. But also, through watching them week in, week out, I saw three very different types of person I might become, even if I could never hope to match their football ability. The composure and sportsmanship of Charlton, an icon for all that was good in the game and in life, I perceived, was my ideal choice. Law was the scarier option, someone I didn’t think I wanted to be like or could even comprehend: blond-haired, sharp-featured, Viking-like with a volcanic temper that could erupt at any moment, but who also mesmerised me. George Best was someone who I maybe wanted to be like when I got older. His was a world that I could never have dreamed about entering as a child. It took me a long time to realise that, actually, being like George Best could be a whole load of fun, but in the 60s, as a young boy, I only saw the genius play, the long hair and the cool clothes. It was enough just to stand in the Stretford End and admire him. It still is.

    This book has distinct chapters pinpointing the achievements of these revered legends: Best, Law and Charlton. However, The United Trinity did not just suddenly arrive at Manchester United as some sort of golden gift to a Manchester public, coming out of the austere, impoverished 1950s. The book tells the back-story, involving the legacy of the Busby Babes, the devastating Munich Air Crash and a scarlet thread of talent development that links the generations. By the early 1960s, Manchester was a city that was exploding with music, fashion and creativity. Then, enter a skinny, dark-haired boy from Belfast who wasn’t too sure about Manchester or the club when he first arrived. Next, there’s a brilliant goal scorer who was longing to exit Italian football and sign for Manchester United. There is, too, a survivor from the horrors of Munich in 1958, who went on to become the enduring symbol of English football in a career spanning three decades. They all had something rather special in common: they were all European Footballers of the Year in the 1960s, and they all played together in the same Manchester United team. Normal? Don't even go there.

    I was raised in a loving home, but one where my father’s complicated past came to light in an unfolding drama. Since my dad had no interest in football, it was left to my mother to take me to watch Manchester United play. Not the usual type of father/son football story then. Initially keen to pursue a career in football, I became an apprentice professional before moving into the non-league game. This enabled me to combine football with study which suited me well. I trained as a physical education (PE) teacher, eventually working in five schools over a period of 19 years. I then became a university lecturer, when someone decided to pay me good money to train PE teachers and research sport (especially football) issues. It was my dream job, where I very happily stayed for 21 years until retirement.

    This book is a recollection of a colourful, 1960s childhood spent supporting Manchester United, in a fast-changing city that was hooked on football, music and fashion. It is also an examination of the period from the creation of the Busby Babes, through to the club’s first European Cup win, showcasing the impact and legacy of Best, Law and Charlton. I am indebted to the ex-players and their other colleagues at Manchester United who agreed to interviews, providing the unique, personal insights that inform my childhood memories.

    Read Growing Up With The Trinity and you will discover:

    Fresh insights into The United Trinity of Best, Law and Charlton, provided by their 1960s team-mates and other colleagues
    How one young fan forgot his home problems, amongst the rattles, rosettes and smoke of the Stretford End
    Why Manchester United’s ‘scarlet thread’ of talent development survived and prospered, even beyond the horrors of the Munich Air Disaster
    How George Best confidently predicted his unforgettable European Cup Final solo goal
    Why one player said, ‘If Matt Busby was the Pope, Bobby was the Cardinal’
    How Manchester’s creative fusion of football, music and fashion exploded, changing the city forever
    United players reminiscing about Dusty Springfield at Belle Vue, The Faces at The Free Trade Hall, and Dylan’s ‘Judas Concert’
    The legacy and relevance of Best, Law and Charlton to football in the 21st century

    by Brendon McGuire @BrendonMcGuire7

    How To Order:
    Available in Waterstones (Deansgate and Trafford Centre) or online at eBay, Amazon (below), Pitch Publishing and several other sites.

    Growing Up With the Trinity - a new book on following Manchester United in the 1960s when Best, Law and Charlton were in their pomp by Brendon McGuire

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